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Coupons and Vouchers – What’s the point?

Here’s a common scenario … You are on the internet searching for something that you are looking for. You find it and go to the check-out to be asked whether you have a voucher or coupon for that item.

So off you go again searching the internet to see if you can find the voucher in order to get some money off your purchase.

Well, what a waste of time!

So, you ask, “Does Deal Locators use Vouchers and Coupons at the check-out at the Deal Locators Shop?”

Now, don’t you just hate it when someone answering that sort of question says, “It’s actually a case of Yes and No.”

So apologies in advance as the answer to this question is actually both, “Yes and No.”

To be more precise, in general terms the answer is No, but in specific terms the answer can be Yes.

Let’s explain...

Deal Locators is what it says on the tin (to pinch another firm’s advertising slogan!); it locates deals and makes them available to buy on the Deal Locators website. The prices for these items are, as often as possible, less than can found elsewhere on the internet including sites like eBay and Amazon.

(Please Note: Deal Locators only stocks items that are both new and authentic. So prices for part-used and non-authentic products should not be compared.)

On top of that Deal Locators then delivers free of charge to any purchaser living in the UK.

So Deal Locators does not see the point in displaying on its website a price that is higher than what it is prepared to sell that item for. Nor does it believe in then inconveniencing the customer by making them search the internet for a coupon or voucher when they want to check-out.

For example, if the price of an item is displayed as £5.00 and then you have to find a voucher in order to pay just £4.50, why not just display the price as £4.50 in the first place? That is what Deal Locators does – we would display £4.50 as the price and save the customer a load of bother.

However, we did also say that sometimes we do use coupons or vouchers. This may be when we wish to give special rewards to customers for whatever reason or in the provision of a gift voucher that can spent in our online store. But at Deal Locators we never use coupons and vouchers as a way of generally discounting prices because we have already built that discount into our price.

(Please note that Deal Locators does also provide vouchers for third party firms particularly High Street businesses.)

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